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Mobile Money is a game changer in Africa.

Serving an existing market that has been largely ignored by traditional banks. A new revolution is happening on the continent which will now see more than 70% of the African population enter the mainstream financial system with access to new and existing services.

An exciting opportunity for everyone regardless of social or economic status, age or literacy level.

SokoPay....helping to make the World a better place through Mobile Money and Mobile Commerce.

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Kenya the pioneer of mobile money

Kenya is the first country in the World to launch Mobile Money in 2007 with Mpesa.

Thanks to the fantastic work of our Brothers and Sisters in Mpesa Kenya continues to lead the way for the rest of the World to emulate.

Mobile money has and continues to transform lives in Kenya and accelerate economic and social development.

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Kenya to launch world’s first mobile-only sovereign bond

Government of Kenya is again the first country in the world to use the mobile platform to raise investment capital from citizens across the country. People can buy the akiba bonds. Amazing stuff.

First mobile only sovereign bond in the world.

Individuals can now buy government shares via mobile phone

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