How it works

SokoPay is a Mobile Payment Solution that allows you to use your phone to pay for anything, anyone, anywhere and anytime. Your Mobile Number becomes your Account Number....You don't need to remember anything else, just your Mobile Number.

Pay for ALL your Bills, Shopping, Fees, or Send and receive Airtime and Money to any anyone on any network. It's so cool.

Anyone above the Age of 18 or if you are below 18 then Parental Consent must be given to use some Services. Hurry and grow up so you can use all of our Services...control your own destiny from your Mobile Phone..

Africa Soko owns and operates SokoPay.

This is an African company and solution, created in Africa, by Africans for Africans. We are a Social Enterprise, we create solutions that addresses problems experienced by the majority of people on the African Continent. We help Grassroots, low income, un-Banked and Under-Served people get their life on the Prosperity Track. We see a World with no Poverty.

Call a local Customer Services number on +233 (0) 332095238 (24 Hours a Day / Open ALL Year Round). In the future apart from English you will be able to speak to our Customer Services Agents in Ghana or other parts of Africa in French, Portuguese, Spanish or ANY local Ghanaian or most African languages e.g Akan (Fanti, Ashanti, Twi) Ga, Ewe, Frafra, Hausa, Zulu, Swahili, Wolof, Malinke, Arabic, Yoruba, Fang, Ndebele, Shona etc

You can use SokoPay anywhere in the World even when you are not in Ghana. You are not tied to an address or fixed location.

Its simple, easy to use, fast and secure saving you money and time. No queues and No Stress. It brings ALL your everyday Apps into ONE place.